The Red Fox – Vulpes Vulpes

This gorgeous-faced Fox captured my heart.

Foxes and the countryside have been a part of my life since I was a child. I rescued a Fox cub when it’s family had been tragically hunted and killed. I nurtured  him and brought him back to health, to be released  back into the wild (although at the time, I begged Mum and Dad to let me keep him).

My parents were very long-suffering – I was always bringing home either a bird, bat, rabbit, cat or fox cub which had been injured and needed attention. I lived  next door but one to a vet in training which was handy, and would often turn up on his door step wanting assistance. (He now has his own practice , so I couldn’t of got on his nerves too much, persistently ringing his doorbell.)  

I am of course, as you will have guessed, against all forms of hunting. Fox hunting is an abhorrent pastime. It is very outdated so-called “sport” and barbaric in this day and age.

Please support your local Hunt saboteurs association,  and The League Against Cruel Sports,  as they need help and assistance in protecting our precious wildlife, and keeping them out of danger.




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  1. Sally says:

    Lucky you to spend time with a young fox! 🙂

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    1. I have always loved them, they are one of my favourite creatures. There is a Fox family living nearby me, but they are always too far away to get a photo of.


      1. Sally says:

        A few years ago a fox had a litter of 6 pups under one of our sheds … so much fun to watch them grow up. For some reason she determined that we wouldn’t hurt her or them and she became almost tame around us. Amazing. Some photos are the result of sheer chance (right spot, right time) — perhaps one day that will happen with your and your foxes. 🙂

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      2. Yes I hope so. I live near the river and they sometimes come in to the field behind me and make such noise , lovely to hear though. I might eventually put up a trial camera to see what they get up to 😀x


      3. Sally says:

        A trail cam is a great idea 🙂


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