A Sea of Bluebells – Fairy Flowers

The bluebell, with its sweet, ever so charming scent, can beguile and enchant the most fleeting gossamer-winged fairy. Folklore tales would have us believe that by wearing a wreath made of bluebell flowers, the wearer would be compelled to speak only the truth.

Bluebell woods were thought to be enchanted: if your walked through one you would be spirited away never to be seen again.

These vibrant ancient woodland flowers weave a pathway of subtle purple hues that appear to dance in between the trunks of creaking, aged trees.

There is nothing more wondrous than this sea of purple. To actually experience this gorgeous spring time wonder can be truly breathtaking.

Stand in the stillness of the ancient wood, and the only things that you will hear are the hum of bees, the endless chatter of birds, and the distant voices of fellow nature- lovers marvelling at this iconic woodland plant’s natural splendour.


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  1. Pete Hillman says:

    These are magical and wonderful!


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