The Celts believed the magical Red Fox to be a guide, and it was honoured for its wisdom.

The Celts also thought that the fox had the intelligence to  know the woodlands and countryside intimately. They also believed that the fox had the ability to become one with its surroundings. The Celts would rely upon the fox as their guide into the Spirit world.

The fox in my mind is a most wonderful mythical creature. It has the ultimate appearance, a totally handsome and most beguiling creature. The lushness of the fox’s deep amber coloured fur and russet brown eyes are captivating. I hold my breath with awe whenever I encounter one.

Foxes are very intelligent and courageous creatures, becoming a stalwart of the woodlands, and now able to own its space in our urban areas.

The fox has been described in literature as full of wisdom, cunning, strategic, clever, adaptable and quick thinking. I think it has to be in this day and age, as ever since it has met man, it has become persecuted in one way or the other.

I regularly encounter a wonderful fox family. I watch them play and tumble, run side by side, freely chasing across the green countryside. I haven’t dared photograph them, as I do not want to ruin the moment of intimacy. Eventually, they may trust me to get closer, but that day is yet to come. So please celebrate the fox as being a wonderful part of our wildlife, and be humbled that we can share the countryside and urban habitats side by side.


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  1. Great photos, I love the bottom one. I followed a Fox family this summer. I read somewhere that the Vixen has different calls for each cub, so basically she has names for them. Our local pheasant shoot starts very soon, so I’m praying the foxes stay safe.


    1. Oh no Alex, pheasant shoot, that sounds horrific.! I hope the Foxes do stay safe, thank you for caring about them .

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      1. It is horrific. I hate it. We can hear the gun shots from inside the house. My mum walks the dogs a lot, up and down the footpaths on Saturday afternoons. They can’t shoot when there are people on the footpaths. 🙂


      2. Thank your Mum for me. 🙂 . I can hear gun shots where I live. I am very close to the river and I am sure they are shooting the visiting Geese. Horrible people.


  2. Penny Reilly says:

    Wonderful photography and prose… I love the enigmatic Fox and all the old tales… (I write folktales, often about the legendary shape-changing Fox)

    I’m not all I seem
    let me into your dream
    and I’ll show you the ways between time
    But to follow me there first, come to my lair
    and trust me to answer a rhyme
    Ask me all you will, I have consummate skill
    to travel all threads of Her song
    Remember in truth, it is all by your will
    you learn which tone’s right or sings wrong
    When the way becomes thin
    come follow your kin
    as they tread the roadways between
    For your not all you seem
    and if you enter my dream
    I’ll teach you to shape change your skin
    (…from Silver’s Threads… 2012-2015 P.Reilly)

    Thank you for sharing your work xx


    1. Thank you Penny for your very kind comments. Loved your folktale, beautiful descriptive word sxx


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