Tales from the River Bank

Walking by the river bank on a sunny day watching the world go by, is my favourite pastime. Camera in my hand , it allows my mind to meander. Butterflies flit and dip along the wild flowers, and blue damsel flies bask in the warmth of the sun. Little ducklings swim close to Mum, and quack…

A Deer Tale

My Love for the  Mythical and Graceful Deer Is it… the spiritual  feelings inside, when first  sighting  them on a misty Winters day? Is it… the  light that dances on their beautiful russet-amber coloured  hair? Is it… the dainty  breaths  that vaporise in the icy air? Is it… the long-lashed stares,  that so enticed many  Arthurian legends, and quests not ventured upon?

The Magic of Autumn

Autumn is an inspiring time for photographers. Think of the misty early mornings and the orange  glow sunsets, like burning embers of firelight. The trees dance with a wonderful palate of colours. Beautiful rich tones, such as umber, russet, wine, oranges, a myriad of yellows and pumpkin shades. Sunlight dapples through the trees casting an ethereal light. This gives the woodland a spiritual feel,…

The Red Fox – Vulpes Vulpes

This gorgeous-faced Fox captured my heart. Foxes and the countryside have been a part of my life since I was a child. I rescued a Fox cub when it’s family had been tragically hunted and killed. I nurtured  him and brought him back to health, to be released  back into the wild (although at the time, I begged Mum…

Deer of ‘Harts’

This majestic Deer was photographed at the British Wildlife Centre. I shot the photograph in black and white, as I felt colour would not give this magnificent animal any justice. Hart is an archaic word for “stag”  used in medieval times. To think all through the ages, such wonderful creatures were hunted for Sport, I find totally unimaginable….