After All Hallows’ Eve

After All Hallows’ Eve comes the onset of early darkness, and the biting cold of endless Winter nights. Prickly holly bushes gleam with a myriad of shimmering frosty  leaves. Gossamer spider webs glisten and sparkle in the shadowy moonlight, enhancing the intricate strands of thread that dance and gleam  against the star-peppered sky. The midnight ice slowly creeps across the land, smothering its frozen surface with a…

A Deer Tale

My Love for the  Mythical and Graceful Deer Is it… the spiritual  feelings inside, when first  sighting  them on a misty Winters day? Is it… the  light that dances on their beautiful russet-amber coloured  hair? Is it… the dainty  breaths  that vaporise in the icy air? Is it… the long-lashed stares,  that so enticed many  Arthurian legends, and quests not ventured upon?